spanglish m inv Ling US (habla que mezcla español e inglés) spanglish
en Nueva York se habla mucho el spanglish, people use a lot of spanglish in New York
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spanglish [es'panglis] nm
Spanglish refers to a range of linguistic phenomena which result from the contact between English and Spanish. The Spanish spoken in the border region between the United States and Mexico contains many words which blend English and Spanish to create new words such as “ringuear” (to ring), “mopear” (to mop) and “groserías” (groceries - in standard Spanish this means “rude words or actions”). Speakers of Spanish living in the United States, whether descended from the original Spanish settlers or first, second or even third generation immigrants, can often use Spanish and English so interchangeably that, in what linguists call “code-switching”, single sentences can become a mixture of both languages, for example: “so you todavía haven't decided lo que vas a hacer”. Some regard such linguistic mixtures as inferior, or a semi-language, but their various forms are increasingly the subject of academic research.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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